Engineer Developer

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Great Job Advertisement for anyone experienced with JAVA

Development Engineer


For a company developing and operating overseas file reporting systems.

Currently we offer affiliate advertising services in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia: the three countries becoming market leaders in Southeast Asia.


We plan to advance to more countries in the future, and we are developing a global platform accordingly.


◆ Work environment

There are engineers of various nationalities such as India, Vietnam, Philippines, Hungary, China, Korea, Japan.

We mainly communicate in Japanese and English.


Because we are working on our own service, the development schedule is often decided by ourselves and therefore flexible. Usually overtime hours are less than 10 hours / month. We have an easy work environment. We have a flex system. Our core times are 10:30 to 16:30.


◇ Required entry qualifications

· Java 1 year or more

· English (business level)

· Japanese (daily conversation level)


◇ Welcomed Requirements

· Java 8 + Spring

· Cloud experience such as AWS

· Test automation experience

· Code review experience

· Experience of CI tools such as Jenkins

· Experience in developing with Scrum or Kanban's method


~Development environment~

PC: Windows 10, Mac

Language: Java 8, Angular 2

Library: Spring, Guice, Gson, MyBatis, Jongo, Junit, Mockito, Maven

Database: Oracle, MongoDB, DynamoDB

CI tool: Jenkins

Cloud service: AWS, MongoDB Atlas

Project management: GitHub, Zube, FreshDesk

Communication: Slack


Work location

■ Tokyo: Shinjuku Station

Flex-time system

Standard working hours 8 hours

Core time 10: 30 ~ 16: 30


※ During the trial period of 3 months 10: 30 ~ 19: 30

※ The first 3 days have the following working time: 9: 30 ~ 18: 30


Holiday / Vacation

«123 holiday holidays»

■ Perfect weekly two day system (Saturday, Sunday)

■ Holidays

■ Year-end and New Year holidays

■ Summer vacation (5 days)

■ Paid vacation

■ Bereavement Vacation / Condolence Leave

■ Maternity leave / childcare leave system available


Monthly salary:


※ Will decide by fully considering previous experience and salary

※ Bonuses twice a year (June, December)

※ Raised · promoted twice a year (January, July)


【Salary Case】

□ 6 million yen / 30 years old · 3 years joining / monthly salary of 410,000 yen

□ 4.5 million yen / 28 years old · 2 years joining the company / monthly salary 310,000 yen

□ 4 million yen / 25 years old · 1 year of joining / monthly wage of 280,000 yen



* ENT Co. Ltd. is cooperating with ASKA Co. Ltd. for recruiting opportunities.

* This position is under private recruitment. We will tell you the company name only when we do the interview.