Life insurance company assistant manager · HR Division

Life insurance company assistant manager · HR Division

Staff Comment: 
A solid job that is good if you like interacting with people and staff.

· Foreign-affiliated life insurance company


Salary: 6 million to 10 million

Working hours: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (working hours: 7 hours / 1 day)

Benefits: Social insurance complete, transportation expenses

Bonuses: Once a year (paid in March)

Annual holiday: about 120 days


【Type of work】

1. Labor law related correspondence

(1) Procedure for amending employment rules

(2) Procedures for signing labor-management agreements

(3) Employment Contract Update Procedure

(4) Responding to inquiries from employees regarding personnel-related rules and procedures


2. Time Management Support

(1) Work management system maintenance

(2) Vendor management

(3) Data creation

(4) absenteeism leave management


3. Procedures related to the above and inquiries from inside or outside the HR


4. Review process related to personnel-related procedures


【Required work experience / skill】

· Three years of experience in personnel management (especially labor management, payroll etc.)

· Experience leading business improvement in personnel affairs

· Flexible collaboration with team members and stakeholders

· PC skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)

· Business level Japanese AND English


【Welcome experience · skill】

· 2 years work experience as a leader



· No special certifications required, social insurance labor, sanitation manager qualifications are a plus.


【Other qualities we are looking for】

  • High awareness of compliance

  • Honesty, acceptance of change, welcome of innovation, curiosity, open-minded, problems solving skills and good at integration

  • Committed to reaching goals, people with high motivation to learn new things

  • People who can aim for future executive candidates