Marketing Research

We offer a variety of techniques to market your business. Live events, special promotions, sales tactics, web presence, company wide branding and advice to get your business the advantage. We also can help foreign companies learn about, market and integrate into Japan and/or Asian markets.

Retail Manufacturer
Stress test for their Japanese language call center


We had a client who was unfamiliar with Japanese call centers and now way to judge their quality. They also wanted to see how it would perform in a real situation calling from within Japan. We helped them with this issue by doing a test with their call center and submitting a report so they could get a better handle on their Japanese customer support quality.

United Kingdom - Lightning
Japanese street interviews and translation


This artist from France wanted to expand to Japan. We were tasked with conducting interviews Japan to get the opinion of locals in Tokyo. We recorded video and translated these interviews for display on youtube for their promotion.

Medical institutions
Interview for Japanese doctor


We translated the client's English interview form to become suitable for surveying Japanese doctors. We contacted hospitals and doctors to receive answers to the questions over our phone interview. This valuable real situation local market data was very valuable to the client to receive.

Miscellaneous food import sales company
Multilingual translation and sales support


We performed multi-language translation for and sales support. Japanese, English, French, Italian, etc. with Native speakers of each language. We also consulted with Japanese law regulations to assist the client to make smooth sales in Japan.

On the field marketing research
We conducted interviews and went on the field to get information


We have done interviews and market research for our clients overseas. Sometimes our clients want to get in touch with the Japanese public, or a feel for whats going on at the Japanese scene. We also interview companies and high ranking people in the business world.

English teacher
America - Champagne
Online strategy planning for new student acquisition


We researched the state of english language students in Japan and China to help an english teacher expand and gain more students.

Marketing research for artist
Research to gain a presence in Japan


A talented artist approached us for some marketing help in Japan. For this job we had to do some research in Japan to help this artist expand awareness of his art style. He had a number of Japan specific art pieces. This is a good example of how we can help people in other countries creating telepresence in Japan for them. As well as the kind of market research we can provide.