Partner Opportunities

ENT is looking for other businesses to partner with. We would like to extend communication to other companies and freelancers to create new opportunities that will allow both parties to benefit and grow.

Cross Promotion

We are looking for companies that are interested in cross promotion with us. We will promote your services and you will promote ours. If we bring you a client we will get 10% and if you bring us a client you will get 10% as simple as that. We hope to establish mutually beneficial relationships with other companies.



Service Exchange

If you think you have a service you would like to exchange for one of the things we can do please contact us. We are interested in anything that increases our marketing reach. In return we can help with design, translation website related issues and more. No money is exchanged here and we hope at the end of the assistance helps boost both companies by using the resulting work.



Joint Events

For this we would talk together to make an event that meets both of our needs. Then gather attendees and run the event together. At the event we should both be able to achieve of our goals.

We are open to other kinds of arrangements as well, if you have some ideas feel free to tell us.



Partner Form