Online Marketing

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Baby Products sale
France - Terre de Cigogne
SEO and AdWords campaign as well as online sales support


We helped this site with its Japanese keywords and google adwords campaign. We also assist with getting their products into retail and consulting. Their product is overseas organic baby products.

Web media
America - Pop Geekly
AdWords campaign


Full Adwords campaign on a monthly basis. We also did an adwords image ad campaign designing specific image ads for the company to target each of their specific and varied demographics. Our design, much like their site's topic is focused on Japan.

Furniture manufacturer
America - Steelcase
Bilingual Keywords for high quality office furniture company


We helped them translate their site's internal search keywords. We also helped with their site SEO by localizing it to Japanese. This was to improve ease of use for their Japanese clients and gain more site traffic from Japan.

America - Sunknight
We can help you get your name out there


Sunkight is a musical artist who needed help with his web presence and marketing. They are very happy with the support that ENT was able to provide. Most Japanese don't search in English online, we conducted design and online marketing in Japanese. We also helped him plan out his musical presence online via the various popular networks available. Knowing which one to go to and how to manage those is a difficult task.

アメリカ - Optia Partners
Spread your image in Japan


Translations of online promotional materials to create a Japanese web presence.