Launching Businesses in Japan

If you are overseas and want to expand your company or self image to Japan, we can help. Below are some examples of others we have helped.

America - Keith "Wildchild" Middleton
Location management


We conducted of the management of performance activities in Japan during his television program appearances. We also did schedule management and interpretation support internationally. We supported the smooth communication with the various non Japanese speaking people he had to interact with including the TV staff.

Baby Products Store
France - Terre de Cigogne
Contacting wholesale stores


We support the sales between the client's products and retailers who would carry their products. We convey that our client has organic baby products that are not available in Japan otherwise and conduct various activities to display and communicate with potential buyers.

International party
America - International Party
Multi-language website and attract customers


Revised site and interaction with online party reservation participants for a site focused on organizing non-Japanese and Japanese nationals to mix in interesting and fun parties.