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Leverage the power of Japan from your own backyard. With ENT we can grant you access to artists and other resources that would normally be impossible due to the language/culture/distance barrier!

Japanese quality artists from overseas!
America/Canada - Game Company
Leverage the skill and ability of Japanese professionals for your company!


We provided the connection, management and communication for clients overseas to reach REAL manga artists for their projects. For this project we helped them develop the image of their character of which they only had drafts up to that point. They wanted to make something more in a Japan inspired style for their video game product. We went through all the steps with them to create the final draft so their character could be fully realized.

Suppliment sales company
Japanese designer Introduction and mediation


For this product that uses Japanese materials the overseas client wanted an authentic Japanese design done by a Japanese person. We helped them find and communicate with someone who would create their design. They now can boast and appeal to their overseas market with a real Japanese artistic flavor.