Our Story



ENT started as a international marketing agency in Tokyo, Chuo-ku Tsukiji on Nov 2014.



Began working with companies from all over the world Japan, America, French, Germany etc. 
Also started event marketing with sushi-making classes, fish cutting class and kabuki make up tours in Tsukiji.



After holding classes for over 300 people we felt that people like learn new things and meet new people. This experience led us to create the Rent-meee website and concept.  
This is also the year we relocated our office to Shinjuku-ku.



Our first Interns have started work.
Feb 2017, we launched Rent-Meee.



We started our global recruitment partnership and job board.



We relocated our office to Oota-ku.
We started our real estate partnership, sales Representative, and Bar A Day management.



We started sales contactless tablet type thermometer Quick Hygiene Terminal for prevent infection of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)



We relocated our office to Minato-ku.
We started our job vacancy advertisement partnership, sales contactless tablet type thermometer dotCube.



We started sales of imported products.
We started sales of SNS marketing (Instagram influencer marketing).


2023 - NOW!