About Us



In Japanese, “fateful-encounters” are called “GO-EN” and that is the core of our company name ENT (pronounced En-to). We wish to provide a network where others can easily also make the same kind of fateful encounters even across, cultural and language barriers. This will contribute to helping people become more prosperous and enrich the lives of others.



To become a hub that people can turn to, to make those perfect connections. Through our large library of contacts, others can leverage our network to help them realize new opportunities and resolve their problems. We picture a world where people can enjoy their differences, be they cultural, national or skill, with each other.



Name ENT Co., Ltd.
Address Koreeda bldg 4F, Shiba 2-4-16, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 〒105-0014
TEL 81-3-5843-9130
Email info@go-ent.net
Founded Nov 25 2014
Capital 11,300,000yen
CEO Chihiro Tanno
Business Sales agent, International marketing, Recruitment, web development, Translation, design, and production.