Global recruitment company partnership!
Carl Albright

ENT Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), in May 2018, has started partnerships with recruitment companies for recruiting Global talent.

◆ Staffing Partner Partner

We have been engaged in overseas / foreign marketing from 2014, and have connected strongly to the community of foreigners living in Japan. We think that we can serve them for the following projects of your company.

· Not making progress with Recruitment

· We would like to collect foreigners and bilingual professionals

· We would like to collect people in a hurry


◆Specifically, a recruitment with us as a partner looks something like this:

1. You let us know what you are looking for

2. We translate the ad if needed (English or Japanese)

3. We reach out to find candidates

4. We conduct interview with a qualifying applicants (face to face or Skype)

5. Those who pass the interview can be introduced to your company

6. They go through your internal process (Interviews etc until decision)


ENT will consistently carry out operations from 1 to 5 above. There is no charge for this service and we only make money upon successful hires.


◆ Three major features

1. Job recruitment agency

We assisting in finding candidates for recruitment companies / recruitment / temporary companies who are looking for foreigners living in Japan.

Job offers are posted with free English translations by ENT so that they are easily found by international job seekers.

2. Interview proxy

Before introducing candidates to recruiters / personnel introduction / dispatched companies, applicants will be screened in advance. We will ask any relevant questions you convey to us as well as their English/Japanese language ability. We will introduce only those who pass the interview so you are sure to get quality applicants.

3. Matching emphasis

"People looking for a Job" and "Companies Hiring". Matching these two needs is not easy. We listen to the opinions of candidates and job seekers and promote the formation of a strong partnership with partner companies so that we can make the best matching.

■About ENT

ENT ( ) is an international

marketing agency in Tokyo. Originally located in Tsukiji, the company relocated to Shinjuku in November 2016. The name ENT (pronounced ‘En-to’) refers to ‘fateful encounters’, called ‘GO-EN’ in Japanese. ENT provides a network where others can easily also make the same kind of fateful encounters across, cultural and language barriers.

■Company information

ENT Co., Ltd.

Ichigaya KK tower 4F, 45 Ichigaya-Yanagichō, Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to 162-0061

CEO : Chihiro Tanno

Founded : Nov 25 2014

Capital : 11,300,000yen

Tel : 03-6265-3723

Fax : 03-6265-3724

Contact Us

丹野(日本語) : [email protected]

Karl(English) : [email protected]