Rent-Meee BETA launch

Rent-Meee is now officially in its Beta phase in Tokyo, Japan. This means it is LIVE and able to have rentals created AND book rentals for real users!
Rent-Meee is an online platform that lets teachers (called ‘Rent-Meees’) sell their skills to learners (called ‘Renters’). Skills can be anything from baking to pet discipline - the idea is that language learning is a happy byproduct of a meaningful experience like practicing a hobby. 

We already have over 200 Rent Meees registered! We also have 20+ Lessons (called ‘Rentals’)! Thank you everyone!
We have simplified the process of creating booking schedules. We also have a "how to" page if you have any questions about either side of the process.

-Check our How to use page 
-Check our How it works page

If you still have any qustions or difficulty after reading this, please feel free to mail us. [email protected]
*Since Rent-Meee is BETA, if you see any bugs or have some comments about the service and how it works, please contact us. 

Thank you.
We all Hope you Enjoy!