Rent-Meee in Classy Magazine!
Chihiro Tanno

The Rent-Meee service received a spot in Koubunsha's magazine “CLASSY” April Issue (Available now!). CLASSY is a magazine for women launched in 1984.

The Rent Me Luke is introduced on their special page for Hobbenglish(ホビングリッシュ).

Recently in Japan Hobbenglish(ホビングリッシュ), a service that simultaneously carries out a "Hobby" +  "English", is gaining in popularity.

Rent-Meee is Japan's first specialized platform site for Hobbenglish(ホビングリッシュ). With Camera, Cooking, Yoga and many other categories.

Let's enjoy merging hobbies with English!!
Enjoy Rent-Meee !!