Weird in Japan 4 - Dining with a Doll... No I mean a literal Doll
Carl Albright

Hey guys, so yeah I went to Kyoto during golden week, the approx 1 week long holiday in Japan. It was just a few days. Usually you'd see pictures of Temples and what you'd expect of tourist picutres. If you think that means you're going to see pictures of temples though, you must be new to "Weird in Japan". I live and brethe this stuff there was literally a moment where there was a big temple to the right of me and I turned left to take a picture of some stupid sign. I think I have a problem. lol.

Ok so first lets address the title. There was a place I went with my wife, it was kind of odd...

Pictured: Model classy establishment
Then when I saw this I was sold.

This must be a form of cuisine symbolism that I'm just not classy enough to understand... Right?
We got to the table and it seems like each table comes with a free life size geisha... of course?

You know, a casual night spot

and this one has an afro!

Anyway, we wanted just drinks from this obvious drinking spot but we were told ordering one particular dish was MANDITORY, not one drink manditory or one food item but this particular 1 dish. It looked kind of like okonomiyaki, it was like yakisoba with a lot of egg, it was good! No idea why it was manditory though. It was a little strange with the doll just inches from me coldly staring at me. There was a lot of weird art on the wall too. It was fun overall, would be a great place to drink the night away I would think.

Ok on to some other stuff. Keeping with the subject of cold off putting dead stares...

Why would you draw your mascot like this? I saw other companies using the iconic geisha to represent Kyoto, this was by far the scariest.

Finally, I am appriciated for ALWAYS keeping the toilet clean, I literally make sure EVERY TIME

Kyoto has some friction agasinst selfie stick users I haven't seen in other cities, I mean they are annoying but I didn't simulate them getting ZAPPED with 25,000 volds of electricity!

Thats right. ON PAR with touching Geishas inappropriately, indiscriminite chilling, smoking and walking, Mac 'N shakin it, throwing trash (or are those calthrops?) is ANY selfie stick usage! JUSTICE!
I have some more from Kyoto but I think thats enough for this installment of weird in Japan Its good to have some stock of these things. Theres just too much the weirdness factory just cranks them out too fast!