Weird in Japan - Feb 2016 - Who drank fire first?
Carl Albright
Feburary has no shortage of weird pictures to talk about.

So its like Star Wars commentary about Han Solo firing first? The coffee can is called fire but it really stands out when his gun is visible.

A candy called girlfriend. So weird but doesn't look appetizing at all, looks like two shriveled up real UME in the image. This was in Akihabara so, yeah that explains everything.

Theres no shortage of strange Kit Kats in Japan for some reason but this one is normal flavored. The weird thing is the package. It has a school kind of setting and says "Kitto Katsu". Pronounced like Kit Kat with a Japanese accent and means like you will definately succeed. Good for a Japanese school setting. It just struck me as odd that the american slogan is "Give me a break" which in both meanings is the opposite. A resting break or asking people to ease up on you.

In harajuku, when you go to a clothes store you expect to see mannequins but not a giant white bear. Would of been cool if they still tried to get it to model some clothes, I think it could of come out pretty well, like if a bear can make it look good then anyone could.