Weird in Japan - Jan 2016 - Burger sauce
Carl Albright
So its a new year and I figured I'd start talking a little bit about the weird things I find.


First is BLT magazine. So many weird magazine titles but I can't understand BLT. Any english speaker can't get bacon, Lettace, Tomato out of their head when hearing that.

Still not sure why its cool to show little kids on the toilet in Japan. Also whats with the actual product? Some kind of light from right above that needs to match the circumference equal to a small kid on the toilet and not an inch more? Whats that outer perimeter supposed to be? A kind of dead zone? So confused.

Herb & Relax. Reminds me of that viral "Keep calm and X" thing. But the weird part is that a key ingredient is catnip. Is this a thing? People drinking catnip? I did some breif research and it says there are no real effects on humans like cats experience and taking too much can make you nauseous.

Burger mayo sounds like the sauce itself is made out of burgers rather than sauce FOR burgers...

Well thats it 4 random images I'll do this again next month. Feel free to comment on any or post your own.