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Sites can be expensive.
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As time goes by so do web design trends.
Keep your site with the times with ENT.

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Translate your site in several languages,
English, Japanese, Chinese and more!

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Mobile browsing is on the rise,
Have your site showing on phones and tablets.

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No IT staff
Spending thousands on websites
is tough on the budget...
I want a multi-lingual international site
My site design is so old, I don’t even want to look at it!
What's the difference between a “home page” and a “site”?
I don’t even know…
I want my site to work on phones!
Multi-Languages page discount is available

Multi-Languages page 50% OFF!

Upper price lists are for one language. If you make another language page, it will be 50% OFF! You can reach more potential customer in the world.
Also we can translate.

・LIGHT Plan English site 420k yen+Japanese site 210k yen=630k yen(TAX not included)
・BASIC Plan English site 580k yen+Japanese site 290k yen=870k yen(TAX not included)
・PRO Plan English site 680k yen+Japanese site 340k yen=1020k yen(TAX not included)

※Translation fee is not included
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Common requests
This site design is old…
Is this company really still in business?
Website renewals
Is your site 5-10 years old? It’s said the lifespan of a site is around 3 years due to rapidly changing trends. These days the website is what people see when getting introduced to your company, old designs also make people wonder how active you are. Let ENT revitalize your site with a modern layout using the techniques relevant to today.
Free website consultation!
Website renewals
When having your business go international, knowledge of the local languages are a necessity. ENT provides native translations ensuring 100% accuracy. Use our translation services for English, Japanese, Chinese and more! (translation separate service from websites)
Free translation consultation!
Aww, they don’t have their site in English?
I can’t understand this at all!
What are they thinking!?
I can’t see their site on my phone?
Everyone uses the phone these days!
Responsive layout
It's 2017, the number of people who browse the internet with their smart phones are at an all time high and still on the rise. These days your site needs to be compatible with all devices, phones, tablets and of course computer. Reaching the most potential customers is most important for a business, make your site responsive today with ENT.
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