Mobile service for foreigners

You can easily apply a mobile service in your native language.
Do you feel that the Japanese mobile contract procedure is complex?
Don't speak Japanese? NO PROBLEM!
This mobile service is specialized for foreigners.


Service Features

1. Multilingual support.
2. Payable at convenience stores, bank transfer, credit card and in-store payment methods are available as well.
3. Short-term contract Ok! (minimum 3 months)
4. Apply from anywhere in the world (before arriving in Japan)
5. Choose the plan that suits you

Online Application available


Price List

Discount plans available!
Please check mobile service site.



When you open the site, it will initially be in Japanese.
Please the change language from the top right of the page.
(Available in: Japanese / English / 简体 中文 / 繁體 中文 / 한국어 / Tiếng Việt / नेपाली भाषा / Bahasa Indonesia)



Also you can check "Data Only Plan" and "Pocket Wifi Plan".
Please click "SERVICE" tab.


We have just started a sales agent partnership with GTN mobile.
ENT Co., Ltd. is a sales agent for GTN mobile.