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ENT is able to introduce more than 10,000 possible properties

for anyone visiting Japan by partnering with several domestic real estate companies locally.


We support 6 languages!

English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Japanese.

Joint guarantor unnecessary! Only requires 2 emergency contacts.

One family member and one living in Japan.

Easy to apply via online application! Even from overseas!



Rent a room in Japan!

Availabilities in many areas!



Please feel free to contact us first.

We will introduce the real estate partner that is right for you.


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# of rooms, room configuration 1LDK etc.

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We will introduce the best stores for you from 130 partner stores nationwide.

* When arranging a store visit, the communication (mail) of the confirmation of visit date will be in either English or Japanese. However correspondence at the store is possible in the language of your choice from our full list of available languages.
ex. Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku station
* ex. Dec13 4pm-7pm, or weekday after 6pm, etc